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"You Belong With Me" by Tari Faris

Description (from Goodreads): Small-town realtor Hannah Thornton has many talents--unfortunately, selling houses isn't one of them. When a developer sets his sights on the historic homes in Heritage, Hannah turns to her best friend Luke for help. Will Luke risk his future and confront his past to help her succeed? ➢➢➢➢➢➢ This review is a hard one to write due to my mixed emotions while reading this book. The best way to explain why I’m conflicted on my rating is to just jump in and list all the positives and negatives.
Here it goes. 
The small-town feel of the book was excellent! The townspeople were quick to pitch in and help when someone, specifically the main character Hannah, needed support with anything they were dealing with. I loved the vintage charm of the town and would gladly visit it in real life if it existed! The author does a great job with having a lot of the townspeople make appearances in the story without there being any confusion on the reader’s part of who is who…

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